Fiber Optics, Transmission, Telephony Switching, Mobile Networks (GSM), LAN, WAN, ADSL, Ethernet, Internet, Voice over IP, Digital Television

Electricity, electronics, electrical engineering, automation, solar energy, home automation, microelectronics, microprogramming, maintenance, etc.

Biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, food processing, quality control, analytical chemistry, nutrition, toxicology

Artificial intelligence, Big data,Languages ​​and Programming (web, Java, C/C++, system etc.…), Database, Computer security

Faculty of Agronomy Sciences (Bachelor and Master)

This specialty trains professionals in animal husbandry and the animal sector, with solid knowledge in all animal production techniques but equally in biology and chemistry

This program trains specialists in all areas of the cultivation of market gardening, perennial, leguminous, fodder, cereal and oilseed plants.

Faculty of Management Sciences (Bachelor and Master)

Traditional marketing, e-commerce, e-marketing, digital communication

Accounting technique, general accounting, financial audit, tax management

Banking Economics, Insurance Products, Banking Law, Financial Risk Management,…

Staff recruitment, career management, payroll management, information and communication, administrative staff management (CNSS, etc.)

The objective of this formation is to teach students to manage supply chain operations such as supply, production, transport or distribution.

The objective of this formation is to meet the needs of business start-up/takeover project leaders, creators/buyouts support and project managers in companies in all sectors (trade, services, crafts, industry, agriculture, culture, etc.).

Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences (Bachelor’s and Master’s)

This formation aims at enabling the student to acquire general knowledge of law and methodology specific to lawyers. Peculiar emphasis is placed on digital law

Diplomatie, droit international, Relation économique internationales, négociations internationales, conflits, diplomatie