Biologists are present in several fields such as agri-food, health, cosmetics, environment, etc.
The objective of Biotechnology formation is to train scientific, technical and operational skills in all fields of Biotechnology particularly in the field of the agri-food industry and research.
As a technician specializing in Biotechnology, you will be required to participate in the development of new agri-food products, carry out physio-chemical and microbiological analysis as well as checks on local or imported products, participate in the development of protocols and methods of obtaining patents.

Faculty of

Science and Technology

Training duration

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training Objectives

The Biotechnology course will allow you to obtain a State-recognized Bachelor’s degree (bac+3) (National Examination).
Students have the possibility of:

– carrying out optional internships during the first 2 years of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a compulsory internship of a minimum duration of three months in the 3rd year, with writing and defense of a project;

– Develop organizational and relational skills: individual and team work with a spirit of initiative, written and oral communication in French and English, use of computer techniques;

– Acquire scientific knowledge in life sciences, engineering sciences and chemistry;

– Acquiring critical thinking;

– Use and understand the functions of techniques and instruments related to biotechnology;

– Know the socio-economic world and biotechnological ecosystem, the main regulations, standards and associated risks.

Key subjects

Agri-food processing engineering, Transformation processes, Quality Control and Standards, Standardization, Analytical chemistry, Nutrition, Toxicology, Biochemistry, Cellular biology, Immunology, Microbiology

pedagogic material (practical room, etc.)
1 practical Quality control room (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
1 Transformation and Microbiology lab


◦   au niveau du Master Biotechnologie ou tout autre discipline connexe
–Assistant production engineer
– Product research and development engineer
 –Laboratory technician
– Assistant bio-industry marketing engineer
– Production manager
– Technical staff in the agri-food industry
– Quality and food safety  technician

What are the requirements to enroll in Biotechnology?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate C – D – F

  • Second year : Validation of 60 ECTS credits (2 semesters) of the first year

  • Third year : Accessible to holders of a BAC+2 or leaving LP2 of the domain deemed compatible

  • Master 1 : Accessible to students holding a minimum level of BAC+3 (180 ECTS credits) in the corresponding field

  • Master 2 : Have validated formation in Master 1 of chosen specialization or equivalent