Finance Accounting and Audit

Finance Accounting and Audit


Faculty of Management Science

Duration of training

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training objectives

This specialized and practical training first leads the student to acquire the fundamentals in the fields of accounting, finance and auditing. Then, it allows students to develop skills in the management of accounting systems. And finally, it allows them to draw up financial statements and know how to use them for analysis and management purposes;It should be noted that particular emphasis is placed on the mastery of IT tools for finance, accounting and auditing.
Examples of subjects
Accounting Techniques, Tax Management, Management Control, Financial Audit, Financial Analysis, Strategic Management, Statistical Data Analysis, Advanced Financial Mathematics, Cost Accounting, General Accounting, etc.
Pedagogical Material
– A computer room with more than 50 PCs, with accounting, finance and auditing software
– Free Internet access on campus 24 hours a day
– Accountant
– Management controller
– Assistant financial director
– Internal auditor
– Collaborators of expertise and audit firms
– Accounting and financial director

What are the requirements to enroll in Finance Accounting and Audit?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate or equivalent

  • Second year : Validation of 60 ECTS credits (2 semesters) of the first year in Management Science following an LMD bulletin format

  • Third year : Have validated the second year of the license in Management Science

  • Master 1 : Students who have validated the 180 ECTS (6 semesters) of the License in Management Science or equivalent can apply for the continuation of their studies in one of the specialties of this Master

  • Master 2 : Have validated training in Master 1 of the chosen specialization or equivalent