Transport and Maritime logistics

Transport and Maritime logistics

Logistics is the art and the way of making a given product available at the right time, in the right place, at the lowest cost and with the best quality.
 To do this, logistics must therefore cover actions ranging from purchasing (supplier management), through warehousing (stock and warehouse management) to final distribution transport (delivery). It manages the flow of products and materials as well as the flow of information relating to an activity.


Faculty of Management Science

Training duration

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training objectives

The objective of this training is to teach students to manage supply chain operations such as supply, production, transport or distribution.

Example of Subjects
Logistics management, production management, stock management, flow management, logistic services, transport logistics, industrial information, logistic chain management, purchase project management, marketing functions and purchase, purchase negotiation, contract law, etc
Pedagogic material
– A computer room of more than 50 PCs
– Internet with free access on campus 24 hours a day
– A library of more than a thousand books
– Logistics and transport manager
–Cost analysis and optimization manager
–Quality manager
–Industrial buyer technician
–Purchase and logistics manager
–Flow network manager
–Supply chain manager
–Logistics consultant
– Operation manager

What are the requirements to enroll in transport logistics and maritime?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate or equivalent

  • Second year : Validation of 60 ECTS credits (2 semesters) of the first year in Management Science following an LMD bulletin format

  • Third year : Have validated the second year of the license in Management Science

  • Master 1 : Students who have validated the 180 ECTS (6 semesters) of the License in Management Science or equivalent can apply for the continuation of their studies in one of the specialties of this Master

  • Master 2 : Have validated training in Master 1 of the chosen specialization or equivalent