Legal science

Legal science

Legal sciences : Set of sciences having as object of study the right, the law, justice, its application and its effects. They therefore bring together all the rational knowledge and methods that make it possible to know, analyze and create the legal rules of a society.
Law is a polysemic term that designates on the one hand the rule of law that govern the conduct of men and women in society (objective law).


Faculty of Legal science

Training duration

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training objectives

This training aims at enabling the student to acquire general knowledge of law and methodology specific to lawyers. The acquisition of legal vocabulary and methodology is done through totally new exercises: the case study, the judgment commentary or the legal dissertation. This base is completed by opening courses such as: political sociology, international relations, foreign languages, economics and management, computer science, etc.

Examples of subjects
General introduction to the study of law, constitutional law and political institutions, introduction to political science, international relations, administrative law, e-commerce law (digital), law of obligations, family law, commercial law , company law, labor law, public international law, private international law, public finances, fundamental rights: Civil liberties…

pedagogic Material
– A library of more than a thousand documents
– A computer room with more than 50 PCs
– Free Internet access on campus 24 hours a day
Private law
– Business lawyer
 – Insurance lawyer
– Banking lawyer
– Litigation lawyer
 – Company lawyer
– Financial Lawyer
 – Tax lawyer
– Head of department
– ​​Litigation and recovery
– Head of legal department
Public law
– State agent
 – ​​Local authority agent
– ​​Police inspector, clerk, tax inspector, labor inspector, etc. (subject to admission to acompetition
– Administrative assistant
– Legal function of social protection
– Function of protection of property and persons
– Collaborator, assistant, secretary within the legal departments of companies, law firms
– Notary clerk
– Legal writer …

What are the requirements to enroll in Legal Science (Law)?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate or equivalent

  • Second year : Access with the average required to pass to second year

  • Third year : Accessible to holders of a BAC+2 or outgoing LP2 Law

  • Master 1 : Accessible to holders of at least BAC+3 in Master 1 and BAC+4 in Master2