Human resources management

Human resources management

Human resources management , also called personnel management, is the set of practices aimed at having a motivated and efficient human capital to optimize the functioning of an organization (private or public company, NGO, or other) .


Management Science

Training duration

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training objectives

The training aims at leading the student to carry out the following missions: recruiting staff, managing careers, personnel administration and payroll management, career management, information and communication, resource management, administrative management of personnel (CNSS, etc.), etc.
The advantage of the training is the choice to provide modules on new technologies which represent a strategic challenge in the adaptation and transmission of professions within the company.

Examples of subjects
 Human resources management, management software, work sociology, administrative management of personnel and conflict management, Training management, Recruitment and remuneration, Organizational psychology, marketing, etc.
Pedagogic material
– A computer room of more than 50 PCs
– Internet with free access on campus 24 hours a day
– Human Resources Director
– Training Director
– Recruitment Director
– Work Inspector
– Payroll Manager
– HR Assistant, etc.
–          …

What are the requirements to enroll in Human Resources Management?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate or equivalent

  • Second year : Validation of 60 ECTS credits (2 semesters) of the first year in Management Science following an LMD bulletin format

  • Third year : Have validated the second year of the license in Management Science

  • Master 1 : Students who have validated the 180 ECTS (6 semesters) of the License in Management Science or equivalent can apply for the continuation of their studies in one of the specialties of this Master

  • Master 2 : Have validated training in Master 1 of the chosen specialization or equivalent