Communication and International Relations

Communication and International Relations

Traditionally, international relations are a set of ties, relationships and contacts that are established between States and come under the foreign policy of these States.


Faculty of Legal science

Training duration

3 years (Bachelor) 5 years (Master)

Training objectives

The objective is to develop students’ analytical and practical skills while providing them with an advanced understanding of global politics.
This training proposes to complete the political analysis of international relations with historical, legal, economic and development perspectives in more specialized courses. It also offers lessons on political issues specific to different regions of the world.

Examples of subjects
Diplomacy, international humanitarian law, law of international organizations, law of armed conflict, international economic relations, international and diplomatic negotiations, etc.
pedagogic materials
– A library of more than a thousand books
– A computer room with more than 50 PCs
– Internet with free access on campus 24 hours a day
 Opportunities  :
– Project manager
– Political adviser
– legal expert
– Journalist
– press secretary
– Communication officer
– Ministries: Foreign Affairs, Defence, Interior, etc.

What are the requirements to enroll in Communication and International Relations?

  • First year : Hold a Baccalaureate or equivalent

  • Second year : Access with the average required to pass to second year

  • Third year : Accessible to holders of a BAC+2 or outgoing LP2 Law

  • Master 1 : Accessible to holders of at least BAC+3 in Master 1 and BAC+4 in Master